Cartonizing with Box On Demand®


Cartonization, also called cubing, is the process of determining the ideal box size for multiple items of varying size. The BOD®

cartonization software can process orders both one at a time or in bulk.


There are multiple benefits to arranging items to the smallest cube size:

  • less need for void fill,
  • fewer packages subject to dimensional weight charges,
  • less damage during shipment,
  • reduced overall shipping costs.


With a typical 40% right sizing of your packages, each box will use approximately 20% less corrugated, save $.10 on void fill, and return $2 in DIM savings – for every order.

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Typical Packing vs. BOD®Cartonization/

In many packing environments, the box used is either selected directly by the employee packing the order, or the order software directs which box to choose (from those available). With limited box sizes to choose from, significant empty space is the norm and void fill is needed, increasing both material and shipping costs.


In a Box On Demand packing environment, cartonization increases efficiency and throughput while optimizing labor. Since the BOD system dramatically increases the number of box sizes available, each order is packed using the smallest cube size possible. Replenishment boxes are made on demand; therefore, you never run out of a box sizes for your pack line.

For multiple pack station environments or fulfillment operations where a Box On Demand machine is centrally located, the use of a BOD Rack Pack™ at each station provides additional flexibility and best box accuracy while also delivering high throughput.

Seamless Integration/

Box On Demand’s cartonization system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current order management system (WMS, ERP, etc.), providing two-way communication via nearly any data exchange interface used, including SOAP, REST API, Flat File Exchange, SQL, RS-232, etc.


Depending on your packing process, there are several ways your orders can be cartonized to ensure your boxes are produced in the most efficient way possible. Additional customization based on your needs is available from our software engineers.

On the Fly: Optimal Box/

Data for each order is sent to our system individually and the ideal box is determined and created on the fly. This is ideal for time sensitive applications where the box needs to be married up with the order very quickly (such as when orders are brought to a pack station or picked on a line to a box).

On the Fly: Preselect Boxes/

A snapshot of your order history is used to help the system select many predetermined box sizes which would fit your orders. This is useful when your system already selects the box to use for each order, as it greatly increases the number of box sizes available, reducing void fill usage and unnecessary DIM charges.


Order data is sent to the BOD system and the selected box is made. Our system is flexible enough to direct specific orders to use premade boxes (i.e., extremely high-volume or customized styles) while the rest are made on the box making machine.

Batch Wave: Optimal Preselect/

The optimal preselect option combines our on-the-fly cartonization with batching (waving) of orders. This configuration is ideal in fulfillment applications where the shipping box doesn’t get married to the order immediately (pick to cart / pick to box).


Your system feeds the BOD system a set of order data (for example, two hours of orders). Our cartonization software then selects the best box size for each order and groups them by box size to maximize box-making productivity. The BOD system sends order completion data to your system as they are processed, so each order can be picked as its box is made.