Box On Demand’s automatic box making systems are easily integrated into new and existing packaging configurations. The machinery links to your system(s) and automatically creates the right boxes for the products being packed, as they are needed. Our patented dimensioning tools integrate with and complement your current systems, and can be used separately or linked together, depending on your needs.

  • BOD MATRIX™ is a patented physical platform which simplifies product dimensioning. It improves accuracy and workflow for both inbound and outbound packing operations.
  • BOD Cartonization™ is a software platform which automatically determines the correct box size for multiple-item orders, saving an average of $2 in DIM charges per order.


These platforms can connect with multiple systems including:

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS),
  • ERP systems,
  • Automatic 3D scanning systems,
  • Barcode scanning systems,
  • Other automated data feeds.

BOD MATRIX™ Dimensioning Table/