Shipping Cost Reduction and Packing Efficiency Featured at Modex in Atlanta, GA

WestRock Box On Demand will showcase on demand packing designed to overcome the challenges of today’s highly variable and continually changing mix of products in ecommerce fulfillment at the Modex tradeshow located in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Booth B4363 will host ongoing, live technology demonstrations of how right-size, on demand packing helps all types of ecommerce and fulfillment operating environments reduce packing costs and increase throughput.  

“Ecommerce is touching almost every type of business. Whether you are selling cabinets, consumer products, custom furniture, fabricated metal parts, household decor, or any other array of goods you are probably doing an increasing proportion of your business on line”, notes Tom Bolin, National Account Manager for WestRock Box On Demand.

“This means order configuration is highly variable and product mix fluctuates. Having the right-sized box for any given order is almost impossible while the cost implications of not using right-sized boxes are exponential”, states Bolin.


Manufacturers and online retailers are facing the ever growing challenge of reducing shipping costs. Shipping rates are increasing, damage returns are costly to handle, warehousing a greater number of box SKU’s ties up capital and uses valuable floor space, and heavy dunnage usage is shunned by consumers, leaving companies with potentially negative impressions and lower margins.  In addition, the labor associated with the functions that support fulfillment operations grows larger from inefficiency. Producing right-sized boxes on demand can mitigate the negative impact of variability in ecommerce orders. Box On Demand® delivers sophisticated machinery in a customer’s facility allowing them to produce corrugated shipping boxes in the size and configuration needed to right-size a package for shipment. “Sometimes people think that putting a box machine in their facility solves all of their packing challenges, but it is really more than that. Many of our customers are extremely efficient at running the front side of their business but need assistance in layout and process flow for non-standard packing and shipping. This is what we do. We give our customers the technology and the process they need to reach their goals”, states Mr. Bolin.


BOD® packing specialists will be on hand throughout the show to discuss the wide range of right-size, on demand box making machines and process flow evaluations. To learn more about the full line of available offerings from WestRock Box On Demand visit booth B4363

BOD Midi 1.4 On Demand Box Machine

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