Booth 1901 SGIA Expo - Box On Demand

Right-Sized Boxes Made On Demand Help Printers Reduce Shipping Costs

Kitting, large format printing


Box On Demand® will demonstrate machine and software technology that allows printers to quickly and easily make right-sized boxes and trays as needed for standard, kitting, and custom orders. The technology will be demonstrated at SGIA in New Orleans at booth 1901 October 10-12, 2017 in the New Orleans Convention Center. All categories of print from; on-demand, to large or wide format, cut sheet, kitting, and more, will realize cost saving benefits from making protective shipping boxes on-site.  

“As printers look to expand their geographic reach with a broader and more diverse customer base, they are packing and shipping more than in previous years. Shipping flat printed graphics, oddly configured kitted items, or large format graphics without damage is a challenge”

“In addition, printers are handling increased smaller production runs, samples, and rush orders forcing printers to carry a greater number of stock boxes on the shelf to accommodate the high order variability. This inventory takes up valuable space, requires large purchases, has a high degree of waste from obsolesce, and adds increase labor and shipping costs to the overall project”, notes Andrew Krolik Box On Demand Business Development Associate.

The Box On Demand technology helps printers improve shipment quality by mitigating shipping damage with right-size boxes and reducing packing and shipping costs with improvements in pack line flow and reduced DIM charges. A machine to make boxes in facility is installed by a BOD® technician with zero upfront capital costs. Printers only purchase the corrugated fanfold necessary to make the shipping boxes they need.

Mr. Krolik highlights, “Printers from large format graphics to catalogs and books are getting their margins squeezed from every direction. Most have invested in the print technology to help support the customer demand shifts, now they are evaluating the back end of their production process to find continued cost reduction and efficiency. For these reasons, we have helped an increasing number of printers achieve quantifiable savings”.

Booth 1901 SGIA Expo - Box On Demand
BOD Nextmode 2.5 Box machine with Gluer