Booth 8442 at AWFS Vegas - Box On Demand

Right-Size Box Making Technology Featured at AWFS in Las Vegas July 19-22, 2017

Box On Demand®, will showcase the upgraded Compack EVO 2.5 CNC on demand box making machine technology at the AWFS Fair® in Las Vegas July 19-22, 2017, booth 8442. The Compack EVO delivers right-size boxes & corrugate protective shipping containers in batches or individually as part of any customer’s manufacturing and packing process. These durable boxes can be made to virtually any size and configuration. The CNC technology provides smart functionality to minimize trim waste, produce the maximum number of boxes in the fastest time, and deliver cut, scored, and perforated boxes as required to make the packing and shipping process fast and reliable. Cabinet, furniture, and general woodworking manufacturers use the BOD® machines to eliminate pre-made box commitment and storage, eliminate lost dollars in box obsolesce, while typically improving packing time and output. Custom packing containers can be made to help eliminate extra protective corners while effectively protecting wood pieces from shipping damage.

“Our customers put their skill and craftsmanship into the work they produce. The design, attention to detail, and quality are at the forefront of how woodworking companies and furniture and cabinet makers think of each job they build. Whether a small custom order or a large production run, the skilled tradespeople take pride in what gets delivered to the customer. Running the risk of shipping damage because boxes or protective trays are not sized and fit correctly to the items to be shipped is not acceptable. This is why we continue to serve a growing number of cabinet makers and other woodworking companies. They quickly realize value and cost savings in our systems,” notes Steve Varga, Box On Demand Account Executive.

The Box On Demand technology has been reliably serving manufacturing companies for more than 25 years. The new Compack EVO machines offer flexibility in packing with fanfold corrugated options in multiple side-by-side bales or up to 6 different corrugate types and sizes in an inline configuration. “The new EVO on demand box machines give manufacturers the accuracy of CNC technology coupled with an easy-to-use operator interface”, notes Rick Morse Box on Demand Vice President.

The Compack EVO is also equipped with an optional trim scrap conveyor. The conveyor quickly and automatically carries any trim from the box making process away and puts it into a scrap bin. Morse states, “The trim conveyor is a great feature for cabinet and woodworking companies because their protective packing tends to be heavier duty board in larger sizes. This means the trim is also longer, automatically moving the trim into a bin can be important for keeping packing productivity at its peak”.

To see the full functionality of the right-size, on demand box making system and to discuss specific application details with packing experts, attendees of the AWFS Exhibit can see the Compak EVO and trim conveyor in operation in booth 8442. The AWFS Fair® is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center July 19th – 22nd, 2017.

BOD machine with trim scrap conveyor
Booth 8442 at AWFS Vegas - Box On Demand
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