Box On Demand makes it possible to reduce the cost of shipping, improve productivity and minimize damage, especially in high mix, highly-variable product environments. Instead of cutting down oversized boxes or searching for a specific box from inventory, you make exactly the box you need, just-in-time. And with better-fitting shipping boxes, you’ll see fewer damage claims from transport.

Right-Size Shipping Box, DIM Charges, Less Void Fill

Ship Product, Not Air/

During our analysis with customers, we routinely find shipping cartons containing 40% (or more) empty space.


These oversized packages require more use of costly void fill and dramatically increases the occurrence of dimensional weight charges.


Using Box On Demand technology, our customers increase the number of box sizes available and typically see cost reductions of $2 or more per package shipped.

Reclaim Storage Space/

Free up warehouse space that is currently filled with box inventory; with Box On Demand you release working capital and store easily stacked bales of fanfold corrugate.


The cost per unit (bale) of corrugated fanfold is consistent regardless of the box sizes or styles you make.


Unlike box inventory, fanfold isn’t made for specific products and can be used to make many different box sizes. This prevents box obsolescence as your product lineup evolves.