Box On Demand®machines use a corrugated material commonly known as fanfold. Fanfold is produced in units called bales. A bale is continuous corrugated, typically 1200 linear feet. The board is mechanically folded every 48″and stacked.  Fanfold from WestRock is available in single wall and double wall in wide range of grades and widths. Fanfold is also called endless board, z-fold, or continuous corrugated. 


The use of fanfold has two distinct advantages over a fixed-sheet based raw material; 

  • There is no waste created in the feed direction of the material into the machine
  • Frequency of in-feed board set-up is reduced with fanfold


WestRock Box On Demand is a leader in the development and manufacturing of  corrugated fanfold. Our facilities are strategically located throughout the country to service our customers and JIT warehouses. 


Panotec box machines fanfold

Reclaim Floor Space

Corrugated fanfold is typically delivered to your facility in half or full truck loads. The bales are easy to store and can use less than 1/2 of the overall floor space pre-made box inventory occupied. Reducing or eliminating pre-made box storage opens added space for production or other revenue generating inventory. 


fanfold cardboard
printed fanfold box


Corrugate fanfold bales can be printed on Kraft or white board with your company logo or other branding elements. Highlight your company and deliver a quality, branded, right-sized box to your customer. 

Corrugated Printing Capabilities