On demand packaging is a packing concept which is ideal for highly variable shipping environments. Instead of ordering premade boxes, Box On Demand equipment is installed in your facility, giving you the ability to make right-sized boxes for every order (both single and multiple item orders). Since there is no upfront cost for the equipment, you simply purchase the corrugated fanfold from Box On Demand and we provide the machinery for you to use.


Every Box On Demand system is tailored for your operation. Our box making machinery is powered by Panotec, the leader in custom packaging equipment. As one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated fanfold, we offer the most flexibility in sizing and board grades. Our patented MATRIX™ dimensioning platform and cartonization software help you minimize excess costs, maximize your shipping yield and improve customer satisfaction.

Reap the Benefits of Sized Right Packaging/

Using the right sized box for your orders improves product protection and reduces the need for expensive void fill.


Excess shipping charges (such as dimensional weight) are reduced, more cartons fit onto each truck (reducing their carbon footprint), and customer satisfaction is improved from the reduced amount of waste they have to dispose of.

Ideal for Many Industries/

Customized packaging from Box On Demand fits nearly every packaging environment where correctly sized boxes are needed, including e-commerce, fulfillment, manufacturing and fabrication, furniture, cabinetry, point of purchase display, large format printing, filters, TV overboxing, parts fulfillment, and 3PL providers.


Your corrugated costs are always priced per unit of material and remain predictable no matter your box needs. Easily stored bales of fanfold allow you to eliminate costly box inventory and open up space for product.