IRCE Booth 1808 - Box On Demand

Online Retail Reduces Packing Costs On Variable Shipments

Box On Demand®, a leader in systems for making right-sized boxes in facility and on demand, will be exhibiting at IRCE June 6-8, 2017 at McCormick Place West in Chicago, IL. Box On Demand (BOD®) packaging specialists will be on hand in booth 1808 to discuss ways fulfillment, distribution centers, omni-channel retailers, and e-commerce companies can improve throughput and margins on variable product and special handling orders with on demand, right-size shipping boxes.

“Today’s internet retailer has already made adjustments on inbound and outbound shipments to account for increased variability, fast-lead times, and short-run inventory shifts, now the discussion is on process optimization for special handling and returns. These areas still need improvement in most facilities and a Box On Demand system can offer a cost-effective method to providing throughput gains,” states Tom Bolin Packing Specialist for BOD.

Special handling can have varying criteria in different facilities however the end result is the same; difficult and time consuming packing for shipment. Bolin states, “Whether items are fragile, oddly shaped, large, require over boxing, are heavy, or any number of other attributes that make them difficult to package using standard methods, these items or groups of items get put into a special handling area. Then the challenge becomes how to efficiently and effectively handle the packing for these orders”.
The process of on demand packing is more than just putting a machine in a facility to make boxes. Determining the packing layout such as; pick to box, pick to cart, pick line or other packing floor layout options is the foundation of the discussion that a BOD specialist has with a new customer. Other critical topics include automatic communication relays with WMS systems and the scale of desired automation at the operator level. Bolin emphasizes, “Our systems can be programmed to take the decision making of the optimal box type off the floor. This saves time and reduces waste while giving the people responsible for the metrics and throughput rate the ability to deliver results”.  In addition to understanding the output goals, BOD also works to understand the unique dynamics of the facility; operator rotation and seasonal help, centralized or decentralized corporate structure, general size and type of boxes to be made, as well as a wide-range of other critical path operating factors. Bolin summarizes, “We want our customers to achieve their packing goals. To accomplish that requires hands

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IRCE Booth 1808 - Box On Demand