Booth 4972 at West Pack - Feb 7-9 2017

On Demand Corrugated Box Making Equipment Featured At WestPack 2017

Box On Demand showcases the full-line of machinery and software for producing virtually any size shipping box on demand at the West Pack show located at the Anaheim Convention Center, February 7-9, 2017. In booth 4972, visitors will learn how making shipping boxes in their own facility and sized for the exact products to be shipped saves labor, time, money, and floor space.

“Business across all types of manufacturing and fulfillment sectors are trying to reach a broader range of customers using e-commerce type strategies”, notes Kevin McKnight, National Account Manager for Box On Demand. The business model for shipping a broader range of items in smaller and variable quantities while completing orders quickly and maintaining product quality means the traditional model of ordering and shelving large quantities of various corrugated box sizes may not fit any longer. “The traditional minimum order quantity and buying set cases, pallets, or skids of items has gone away for many manufacturers and suppliers. This means that to server their customer’s well, business leaders  are asking their operations to absorb the changes using the same operating procedures but then struggling on the bottom line with cost increases”, notes McKnight. 


corrugated shipping boxes


Luckily, technology and automation have changed this business dynamic. The systems from Box On Demand are designed to make a wide-range of boxes, on-site and on demand. This means no large box order quantities and a relatively small footprint for machine, corrugated fanfold, and assembly. Using an in-house on demand box making system reduces shipping costs, improves labor allocation, and diminishes risk of damaged shipments. Visit booth 4972 to learn how the Box On Demand equipment and operating software can improve cost structures and the bottom line. 


Corrugated Box Making Machine