Forget about box inventory headaches and valuable rack space overflowing with obsolete boxes. Now you can produce a perfect box for every item you manufacture, from long boxes for fabricated pieces, to small parts boxes, to large, double wall RSCs for heavy-duty goods.


With several infeed options, our machines give you the flexibility to have several corrugated board widths and types (such as single-wall and double-wall) on hand at all times, so every product can have its own precise box. You gain valuable rack space for product inventory and reduce product damage caused by using oversized boxes.


Major drivers to manufacture boxes with Box On Demand:

  • Minimize box inventory with stackable, easy-to-store fanfold corrugate
  • Easily design custom boxes which fit each product perfectly
  • Free up rack space for product storage
  • Quickly adjust boxes to accommodate product design changes
  • Scalable solution that grows with your business
  • Minimize product damage during shipping caused by oversized boxes