Box On Demand offers the widest variety of box making machines and accessories to create the ideal on demand box solution for your business. Built by Panotec, our custom box machines are designed for long life and reliable performance, year after year. With $0 upfront capital costs, it’s easy to start making custom corrugated boxes in your own facility, with a complete system designed around your on demand packaging needs.

NextMode Series Box Machines

  • High speed industrial platform – with full complement of accessory options
  • Single or dual axis (no minimum dimension) box processing
  • Up to 6 inline raw material auto sources (can be combined with lateral sources)
  • Up to 4 lateral (side by side) raw material auto sources
  • Variable width platforms
  • Full software suite

BOD Nextmode 2.5 Box machine with Gluer

Compack Series Box Making Machines

  • Up to 4 lateral (side by side) raw material auto sources
  • Up to 4 inline raw material auto sources
  • Full software suite

BOD Compack EVO Inline SBS

Automatic Box Gluing

  • Heavy duty hot-melt based joining system
  • High speed automatic servo
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • Variable width platforms
  • Extended inside, center seam, or outside glue joints

BOD ILG5S Corrugated Box Gluer

Sizing Solutions

  • Devices to measure product dimensions and automatically trigger box production
  • Dimension finding software (Integration for ERP, WMS, etc.)
  • Volume analyzing software to determine the optimal size for boxes that hold more than one product (“cartonization”)