Manage Packing Operations with Real-Time Data Analytics/

New! The Jupiter web-based analytics platform from Box On Demand® delivers real-time, comprehensive corrugated box production data in a quick review dashboard coupled with granular data review capability. Packing productivity improvement is built on your ability to deliver on key metrics; the Jupiter platform is designed to measure the KPI’s needed to support goal achievement and grow your business.


  • Track Productivity
  • Mitigate Unnecessary Corrugated Waste
  • Analyze Production History
  • Forecast Corrugated Demand
  • Optimize Corrugated Conversion and Improve Fanfold Usage


24/7, Real-Time Data Drives Decisions/

The exclusive Jupiter platform is a cloud application that delivers production data from a BOD machine or system in a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Jupiter gives you the ability to effectively manage efficient use of your Box On Demand® system while staying focused on packing goals. This advanced, secure platform serves the data you need 24/7, from any location. Manage multiple sites and machines, run reports anytime and anywhere, spot trends and perform reviews of corrugated conversion production in real-time. 


How it Works

The Box On Demand system uses BoxLink , the robust operating software developed by Panotec and used exclusively on all BOD® machines, BoxLink sends machine production data to the Jupiter secure cloud platform where the data is stored. The Jupiter interface pulls the exact data requested by each dashboard query and presents the information in an analytical and usable format.




BOD Cloud Analytics
Jupiter Fanfold Optimization

Information Delivered On Demand/

See Production Trends

  • Run queries by specific date ranges and view production data to compare and contrast shift work, seasonal flows, new product introductions, and other important operational measurements.

Make Proactive Decisions

  • The Jupiter dashboard comes with standard data queries which are designed to give users day-to-day actionable information. Some examples of the powerful information that Jupiter delivers are;
    • Quickly see if operator decisions are driving lower yields or increased scrap rates and take corrective action.
    • Highlight commonly used box types against production dates to determine optimal type and timing of box batch runs.
    • Analyze box production time and consolidate box types while maintaining right-sized advantages and delivering maximum throughput. 

Interested in learning more about our exclusive web-based application or other benefits of a Box On Demand system? Contact us, our team is ready to answer your questions.