No Upfront Costs/

There are no upfront capital costs for a complete Box On Demand system. Instead of purchasing machinery, you purchase the raw corrugated material (called fanfold) from Box On Demand and we provide you with the ideal machinery configured to work with your packaging process.

Project Analysis/

As we begin discussing your project, we connect you with a sales engineer who will review your current processes and goals for an on demand packaging system.


Next, we perform a thorough analysis to determine how Box On Demand can improve your packaging process. We work with you to evaluate many aspects including void fill costs, labor, working capital, corrugated costs, shipping savings and more.


After the analysis, you receive a complete benefits summary that highlights each key savings area and the process improvements that can be expected.

Installation and Training/

Once you’ve decided to implement your Box On Demand solution, we work with you to select a week for installation and training.


Installation typically takes a day or two, and our technicians spend another 3-4 days working with your operators to make sure they are fully trained and comfortable running the equipment.


We have a full, 24 / 7 support team available at all times to help with any questions that arise.


Learn more in our FAQs.