Cut Shipping Costs and Improve Delivered Quality with Right-Sized Boxes Made On Demand

Maintain your company’s professional image while providing packaging for your woodworking and furniture items that are sustainable and protective. Whether shipping common carrier, or your own delivery vehicles protecting your work is important during shipping. Delivering boxes or trays that are strong, in tact, and undamaged not only helps to protect the contents but also your reputation. In addition to appearance, making right-sized boxes or trays on demand offers direct and indirect cost savings, allowing you to price jobs more effectively and to be more competitive when necessary. 

Box On Demand® takes the worry of upfront capital equipment cost and maintenance out of your hands. We own the CNC machines we provide for your use. We take care of the maintenance and provide 24/7 technical support. You only purchase the corrugated fanfold you need to make protective shipping boxes in your facility on demand.



A Box On Demand system solves common inventory and cost concerns by using corrugated fanfold to produce custom sized boxes, for every product, as they are needed. Since corrugated is priced by the square foot, setup fees and small quantity charges are a thing of the past. Each box is produced at a consistent per sq. foot cost, regardless of the size or style. Excess inventory is replaced by a small footprint of easy-to-stack bales of fanfold, and box obsolescence is eliminated.



On demand packaging is ideal for the unique challenges faced by cabinetry companies. Free up excess box inventory while making boxes that fit perfectly around each corner. Since each box is produced just as a cabinet is ready to pack, orders are never delayed due to packaging challenges.


Benefits of a Box On Demand System:

  • Protect each item with a precisely fitted box to minimize returns and damage
  • Have consistent corrugated costs
  • Free up a significant warehouse space by storing bales of fanfold instead of boxes
  • Reduce working capital tied up in obsolete and expensive box SKU inventory
  • Easily produce boxes, trays, wraps, corner protectors, and much more
  • Create the right size box at exactly the right time, for every order
  • Eliminate box obsolescence
Right-Sized boxes for base and top cabinets. Reduce cost of shipment, protect from damage

Watch to see a BOD® machine efficiently make boxes and improve packing operations for large butcher block counters in a manufacturing facility

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