Right-Size Order Packing Cuts Costs and Improves Delivered Product/

You operate in an environment where  seconds matter toward achieving outbound goals. Extra footsteps in packing areas are eliminated, picking and packing methods are continually evaluated to weed out inefficiency, and mitigation of excess shipping costs is an on-going cost reduction effort. In addition to the strict internal operating metrics, the bar of success for ecommerce and fulfillment has stretched from simply getting orders out the door fast and at low cost, to also making sure the box that is left at the front door provides a positive customer experience. 

Fulfillment is even more challenged to achieve goals and increase customer satisfaction as the breadth of items shipped increases and the product order mix becomes more complex. Items such as TV’s, treadmills, yard tools, auto parts, furniture and houseware items which predominately were purchased in brick and motor stores are now bought online and shipped direct-to-consumer. Special handling and large item packing areas try to accommodate these items but are often left using tools and packing materials that were not designed for the size and shape of such items. To avoid damage during shipment, fulfillment often uses a make-shift corrugated box with added filler, shrink wrap, and banding or strapping to support a box that does not fit the contents. 

Box On Demand® allows you to increase the number of box SKUs available to create right-sized boxes for every order at a consistent price. Right-size boxes made on demand mitigates excess shipping charges, reduces void fill, and increases the number of shipments per truck. Integration with your existing WMS or order management system is easy with our flexible software platform. For multiple item orders, BOD® Cartonization software determines the optimal box size and the Rack Pack™ takes the guess work out of optimal box selection at a pack station. 


A Box On Demand system will:

  • Reduce shipping costs by eliminating excess dimensional weight and void fill usage
  • Increase the number of box SKUs available, with custom sizes and box design specific to a unique product mix
  • Seamlessly sync box making to existing order management or WMS systems
  • Support picking methods that fit your packing process (pick to box, pick to tote, pick to cart, etc.)
  • Produce the right size box for return, repack, overpack and overwrap applications
  • Optimize box size for multiple item orders at a pack station
Fulfillment warehouse
BOD right-size on demand packging system


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