Trying to find the right number of box SKUs? Tired of never having quite the right size box? Box On Demand allows you to increase the number of box SKUs available and create perfectly sized boxes for every order at a consistent, affordable price, while minimizing excess shipping charges, reducing void fill usage, and increasing the number of shipments per truck.


Integration with your existing WMS or order management system is easy with our flexible software. For multiple item orders, BOD Cartonization software determines the ideal box size to fit the items into one right-sized box.


Key drivers for implementing a BOD system:

  • Reduce shipping costs by minimizing dimensional weight and void fill usage
  • Increase the number of box SKUs available, with custom sizes specific to most orders
  • Seamlessly sync box making to existing order management or WMS systems
  • Utilize picking solutions that fit your packing process (pick to box, pick to tote, pick to cart, etc.)
  • Produce the right size box for return, repack, overpack and overwrap applications
  • Optimize box size for multiple item orders with BOD’s cartonization software