Changes in print technology for commercial print and point of purchase (POP) display production has dramatically changed the way the industry operates. These industry technology changes have also changed customer expectations; shorter runs, high order variability, increased quality expectations, and shorter lead times are now minimum requirements. While the production end of the print business has grown with the technology changes, the back end remains dated and unproductive.  Whether large format prints, display graphics, or small custom produced orders, commercial and industrial print companies are still packing orders in oversized boxes and lose fitting trays. A Box On Demand® machine can change the packing and shipping dynamics in a print facility. Making right-sized boxes on demand reduces shipping costs, decreases damage to orders during shipment, and improves productivity. 


Minimize damage and excess shipping costs, with boxes designed to provide extra protection for your custom orders. With Box On Demand you gain the flexibility to make any style box, for every size order you create.


Using a Box On Demand machine in your facility for your packing needs provides the ability to:

  • Quickly and easily produce long, flat boxes for large format graphics or kitting
  • Add custom internal product protection as needed
  • Make and fold long, skinny boxes 3x faster with our patented perforated creasing
  • Minimize DIM charges and damage with tightly fitting cartons
  • Provide optimal protection for every custom order you produce, whether single or multiple item orders
  • Decrease warehouse space used for high-volumes of pre-made boxes in numerous SKU’s

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