Booth A4080 at Fabtech in Chicago - Box On Demand

Fabricated Metalworking Companies Reduce Operating Costs with Right-Sized Boxes

Box On Demand® is technology-focused provider of CNC machines for making right-sized corrugated shipping boxes in plant and on demand. We deliver operating cost reduction opportunities to fabricated metalworking companies. The technology gives plants the ability to cut excessive DIM charges, reduce packing time on custom product orders, improve packing workflow, and reduce labor for packing processes.  Live demonstrations of the NextMode 2.5 CNC machine with Matrix™ dimensioning system will be on display at FABTECH in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place November 6-9, 2017 in booth A-4080.

“Metalworking companies have become subject to the same smaller production runs, custom design and build, shorter lead-time, and direct-to-consumer order transactions that other industries have experienced. This means metalworking companies are shipping more orders via UPS and FEDEX and other door-to-door delivery companies. The shift in business dynamics has caused shipping costs to rise and operating margins on variable order types to shrink”, notes Vic Caricato, Packing Specialist for Box On Demand.

The Box On Demand system allows both mid-sized shops and large tiered-OEM-suppliers to reduce packing and shipping costs while delivering on customer expectations. The BOD® NexMode 2.5 machine holds up to 98” of corrugated board width for making right-sized shipping boxes, giving fabricators the ability to produce a wide-range of box types and sizes. Corrugate ranges from 32 ECT to 275 double wall and many other type and strength options. The BoxLink™ software provided with the box machine also gives metalworking companies the flexibility to build a box on the fly. This feature allows for custom box designs for shipping a range of parts from R&D testing to full production runs.

Caricato states, “Our  Nextmode 2.5 box machine coupled with the Matrix dimensioning system provides fabricators with the ability to produce shipping boxes for small run jobs that need fast and easy dimensional order data delivered to the box machine. Larger production runs can have a direct communication link between the ERP system and the BOD box machine. Both of these communication options reduce errors and increase the speed of packing, resulting in maximum cost savings.”

The Box On Demand 2.5 Nextmode machine and Matrix dimensioning system will be fully operational in booth A4080 at FABTECH November 6-9, 2017. For more details visit or contact technical sales at

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Booth A4080 at Fabtech in Chicago - Box On Demand
BOD Nextmode 2.5 SBS Box Machine