Product Dimensioning Made Easy/

Box On Demand’s MATRIX™ dimensioning system acts as a central core which helps improve your packaging workflow. The easy-to-use interface is driven by barcodes, which increases throughput and improves the dimensional accuracy of product packaging in many applications, including new inventory addition, returns management, repack, overpack, and overwrap packing.


Key Benefits:

  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • No tape measure or manual input required
  • Faster input into product database
  • Speed up both inbound and outbound activities in fulfillment centers
  • Automate the production of odd size objects

Outbound Operations/

Making correctly sized shipping boxes is easy with the flexible MATRIX™ platform. Simply scan three dimensions of an order to make a box that fits.


With integrated bar code scanning, you can scan the product UPC code, recall the correct box size and style, and send it to the BOD machine for production. Products not in the system can be quickly added for future use by scanning the three dimensions, right from the packaging line.


Multiple item orders can be grouped manually (scanning three dimensions) or automatically cartonized with BOD Cartonization™ software by scanning an order ID barcode.


Configure customized barcode commands to quickly add extra padding space for fragile items, choose specific box styles, or even select different shipping methods.

Inbound Operations/

BOD MATRIX™ makes it easy to capture product shipping information, such as dimensional data and weight, for later use.


Quickly build a product database to make it easy to recall shipping carton sizes and styles on the outbound operation. Assign UPCs and/or unique names to each product or grouping. Create ID labels for pallets of product that will be stored in inventory. Or, package individual items in custom shipping cartons as they are scanned into inventory for later shipment.


Mobile scanning capabilities ensure you can capture this data at different locations around your facility.