Minimize DIM Charges with Box On Demand

Since all packages shipped via UPS and FedEx are subject to dimensional weight pricing, your order fulfillment shipping costs have likely been increasing (or will be soon). Since this pricing structure was introduced in 2015, the cost to ship every package is calculated based on the higher of its actual or dimensional weight. Therefore, as box size increases, so does shipping cost.

Calculate Your DIM Weight

Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the box length, width and height, then dividing the result by the DIM divisor. As of January 1, 2017 this divisor changed from 166 to 139, raising the DIM weight by about 20%. The resulting “weight” is rounded up to the nearest pound. This handy calculator can help you quickly calculate the DIM weight implications of different size boxes.

Significant Savings Potential

Box On Demand can optimize your shipping carton size, allowing you to use correctly sized boxes for every order and minimize dimensional weight. In our work with leading fulfillment companies, we’ve found the average e-commerce shipping carton contains over 50% empty space, with many having much more. Our customers typically save 20%-40%, and with dimensional pricing, can save much more!

Average shipping savings by percent of empty space

Average shipping savings by percent of empty space

Why Are You Still Shipping Air?

Box On Demand systems easily integrate into your order fulfillment system. Our flexible design supports common configurations including pick to box, pack station, inbound packing and pick to cart. The Box On Demand system can link (two-way) with your internal order system for automatic production, and our cartonization software can quickly calculate the optimum box for multiple item orders.

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Get Started Today

With $0 upfront cost, now is the time to take control of your packaging costs with customized, on-demand packaging from Box On Demand. With a quick consultation we can help you determine whether our solution is right for you. Give us a call (877-326-3653), email us or fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

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