The Compack Series is a highly flexible box making machine available in several configurations to meet your automatic packaging needs. Compack machines can be set up as a single feed, an inline feed (with up to 4 automatic, raw material sources feeding into the machine), or as a lateral (side by side) feed with up to 4 automatic corrugated feeds. Several footprint sizes allow flexibility to meet your space configuration needs.

Compack 1.4 Box Machine

  • 1.4M (55″) board width input
  • Up to 2 side by side fanfold sources
  • Small Footprint
  • Full software suite and accessory options
  • Data interchange with WMS and ERP systems

BOD Compack 1.4 Box Machine with Gluer

Compack EVO 2.5 Box Machine

  • 2.5M (96″) board width input
  • High production output using a single operator and virtually no footsteps
  • Fastest automatic fanfold change over
  • Up to 4 lateral (side-by-side) fanfold
  • Up to 8 inline side-by-side fanfold sources
  • Software suite includes production and history reporting
  • Integrates with WMS and ERP systems
  • Optional trim scrap conveyor

BOD Compack EVO Inline SBS