Advanced Machinery Designed for Dynamic Packing Environments/

The Compack EVO is the latest in box making technology. This machine is designed for applications where box type and size change frequently and where maximum fanfold flexibility and minimal set up time are essential. The machine holds up to 98″ of board width in a single rack.


  • The EVO is available in an inline side-by-side (SBS) configuration that allows up to eight different fanfold widths and corrugated types, making the EVO the most versatile box machine in the industry. 
  • The EVO automatically selects the right fanfold width for each box design.
  • The machine is available with an expanded dual robot set up configuration and high speed performance.
  • The Compack EVO is available with an optional trim conveyor for maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • All standard BOD® capabilities including multiple-box output, custom box styles, and
  • Data integration with ERP or WMS platforms can be provided


Compack EVO Inline SBS

Machine and Software Built for Manufacturing and E-Commerce Production Needs


The Compack EVO box machine features the latest Panotec high-speed cutting unit technology and BoxLink Pro® software. Both software and machine technology are built for longevity and equipped with an easy-to-use interface. The BoxLink Pro is designed with enhanced features for priority batch production, 3D box configuration, corrugated fanfold management, and comprehensive reporting tools that allow for box production analysis and action. 

Compack EVO Box Machine Inline SBS