Box On Demand Technology Featured at IWF 2018

WestRock Box On Demand, a leading industry manufacturer of corrugated fanfold and packaging machinery solutions, will showcase right-sized, on demand packing for the woodworking industry at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, GA August 22-25, 2018. The company will run on-going demonstrations of its CNC machinery for right-sized box production in booth 7146.

Woodworking companies from furniture, to cabinets, to custom carpentry, are supporting a shift in online purchases either through direct-to-consumer channels or big box retail. The result has been an increase in the cost of packing and shipping. A Box On Demand® system can improve throughput while mitigating unnecessary costs.

“Woodworking companies not only seek to mitigate damage during shipment but also to improve their packing process and increase throughput”

Vic Caricato WestRock Box On Demand Account Executive

Box On Demand (BOD®) provides customers with a CNC machine in their facility to produce right-sized corrugated boxes and trays. The technology is provided without a capital outlay.

Featured at IWF will be the Compack EVO with an integral trim conveyor. This system will produce custom boxes or trays in seconds while automatically carrying away trim. To see the system in operation, visit the WestRock Box On Demand in booth 7146 at the Georgia World Congress Center during the IWF show, or online at

Compack EVO Inline SBS
IWF 2018