Intelligent Fulfillment Pack Station Operation/

Box On Demand’s Rack Pack™ changes the operating dynamics of fulfillment pack stations from guesswork to intelligent box selection. This system is ideal for pack stations where multiple item orders are the norm.


  • Increase packaging throughput
  • Reduce excessive DIM charges
  • Eliminate lag in station replenishment 


Pack Station Optimization/

This innovative system uses the BOD Cartonization (cubing) software to quickly and accurately determine the right-sized or optimal box sizes available on the rack for each order. 


Common uses for the Rack Pack include; 


Smart Pack Stations

  • Build smart pack stations with the Rack Pack technology. The built in algorithms work to instantly display best box options on the touch screen display, eliminating guess work and improving packing efficiency.

Configurable Packing Environment

  • Product mix changes frequently, don’t be tied to a single pack station layout or capacity. The portable Rack Pack provides flexibility to increase the number of available boxes at each station. 

Right-Sized Pick-to-Cart

  • Pair the Rack Pack to a specific pick cart and right-size every order.

Pack Station Replenishment

  • As bins reach low-levels of stock boxes, the use of multiple Rack Pack carts allows the entire rack to be replaced quickly and without disruption of packing operation.

Fully Integrated Pack Stations

  • Drop orders from a WMS/ERP system to a BOD® box machine. The machine will construct a right-sized box for each order. The boxes are easily delivered to the assigned pack station using the portable Rack Pack.



BOD Rack Pack Box Pick Cart
On Demand Box Machine, Right-size boxes

Box Replenishment Made On Demand/

The Rack Pack is designed to integrate with any BOD® Box Machine. This integration is the key to making replenishment of pack stations fast, accurate, right-sized, and on demand. 

Whether your use of the Rack Pack is box-first or order-first, the coupling of the box machine with the Rack Pack changes the dynamics of how pack stations operate and how on demand corrugated shipping boxes are used. 

See how a Rack Pack and BOD box machine can improve your pack station fulfillment. Contact us to learn more.