In addition to operator-manned machines, Box On Demand® offers automatic systems engineered to complete the box making and packing process without an operator. These systems are designed for volume applications where maximum productivity and throughput are core operating metrics. E-commerce, fulfillment, and online retail will benefit from a Box On Demand automated system. 


EVO Line Automated Box Making System

Designed and built with real-world usage in mind, our automatic box making systems have the same heavy-duty components as our manned machines. Built by Panotec, the trusted name in box making machines for more than 30 years, our systems are designed to produce right-size boxes, on demand while delivering labor and cost reductions. Talk to one of our specialists to see what an automatic system can do to help achieve your throughput and sustainability goals.


EVO Line

  • Produces a fully cut and glued flat right-sized box, ready for forming and filling
  • Up to 4 lateral (side by side) raw material auto sources
  • Produces up to 7 boxes per minute
  • Full software suite with WMS or ERP integration and cartonization where required