Box On Demand offers the largest variety of automatic gluing solutions in the on demand packaging industry. Designed to quickly glue standard RSC, HSC, FOL, and other box styles with a glue tab, they feature unique designs for various workflows. Our selection of automated gluers guarantees that you will receive the ideal gluer to streamline your packaging process. Watch how easy it is to glue your boxes with Box On Demand.

ILG-5 Automatic Box Gluer

  • Our newest innovation in automated box gluing
  • Automatic glue-joint length detection
  • Multiple lane setup available
  • Glue multiple boxes at once

ILG-5 Gluer

ILG-5SM Box Gluer

  • Designed to pair up with the Compack 1.4
  • Automatic glue-joint length detection
  • Flexible placement configuration
  • Fastest throughput for small to medium sized boxes


ILG-2 Inline Box Gluer

  • Ideal for large or long boxes
  • Adaptable to many workflow setups
  • Heavy duty, hot-melt based joining system
  • Glues any style standard glue joint

RLG Automatic Box Gluer

  • Automatic gluing process
  • High speed automatic servo
  • Variable width platforms
  • Single auto reverse or through feed for batching